Baggage policy update

Baggage policy update

new baggage policy

The following is in effect for Economy passengers traveling from Dammam and Riyadh to Hyderabad; Kuwait to Chennai; and Riyadh to Delhi with immediate effect and until further notice

1. Passengers are permitted to check-in either:

- Two (2) suitcases/bags with a maximum weight of 23kgs each and within maximum dimensions of 95cm x 75cm x 45cm
- One (1) cardboard box within maximum dimensions of 46cm x 46cm x 46cm and maximum weight of 23kgs.

2. Passengers will not be permitted to bring one (1) regular suitcase/bag and one (1) cardboard box. 

3. Additional Falconflyer allowances will not be impacted and will still apply as per the ticket’s terms and conditions.

4. Sale of excess baggage to Hyderabad, Chennai, and Delhi will not be available for purchase through any Gulf Air channel. This will apply regardless of the departing city.