Refund Policy

Gulf Air refund policy is determined by the type of ticket purchased. Refunds or partial refunds will be processed as far as the rules of the purchased fare allow for such refund. On the other hand, for non-refundable tickets, only airport and government taxes may be refunded.

Refund Charges

An administrative refund charge of BHD10/USD30 or equivalent in other currencies is applicable for any refund of any ticket. This is in addition to any refund charges as stipulated in the detailed fare rules.

Special Taxes

Some countries have special government tax such as India where service tax on cancellation or refund related charges are levied at 18%.

Other Surcharges

In case of non-refundable tickets, fuel surcharges, security charges and other charges (YQ/YS/YR/Q charges etc.) are non-refundable. 

Services Charges

Services charges are non-refundable on all tickets (DU/DV/OC charges).

Refund period

Kindly allow up to 90 days for refunds to be processed

Refund must be proccessed as per ticket purchase origin

  • Ticket bought through the Gulf Air website and World Wide Call Centre can be refunded through World Wide Call Centre only.
  • Ticket bought through Gulf Air Offices in Seef Mall or Bahrain International Airport can be refunded through Seef Mall Office only.
  • Ticket bought through any Gulf Air Office world wide can be refunded through the same office only.
  • Ticket bought through a travel agency can be refunded through the same travel agency only.

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