Deaf Passengers

Hearing-impaired passengers should inform Gulf Air of their condition at the time of booking a ticket, and should also request any special assistance at this point. Medical clearance is not necessary.

Mentally impaired passengers

Mentally impaired passengers - defined as those suffering from an illness of the mind that prevents them from taking care of themselves - can only travel when accompanied by an adult escort.

Medical clearance should be obtained before travel.

Blind Passengers

Permanently blind passengers do not need medical clearance. If special assistance is required, it can be requested at the time of booking.

Groups of blind passengers do require medical clearance.

Temporarily blind passengers also need approval to travel from the Gulf Air Head of Medical Services in Bahrain, and this can be obtained via the Gulf Air Reservations Manager in the city nearest to you.

Wheelchair passengers

Permanently disabled wheelchair passengers who do not require individual attention during the flight, but would need help at the airport, boarding and disembarkation, can request this assistance when booking their tickets. No medical clearance is required, unless the passenger's condition calls for special care or attention.

Wheelchair passengers temporarily disabled - either due to illness or injury - will need special care during the flight, as well as assistance in the airport terminal, during boarding and disembarkation. In these cases, medical clearance must be obtained before travel but Gulf Air can provide a wheelchair if requested at the time of booking.

Any group of disabled travellers should obtain approval prior to departure from the Head of Medical Services at Gulf Air as there is a maximum number of wheelchair passengers that can be accepted on each flight/aircraft.

Medical cases (Passengers with special needs)

Certain passengers require medical clearance to travel on Gulf Air. This can be obtained by filling in an Application for Carriage of Medical Passengers form from a Gulf Air office or online through this website. The form should be filled in by the passenger's doctor and then submitted to your local Reservations Manager who will forward it to the Head of Medical Services, based at the Gulf Air headquarters in Bahrain. Please bear in mind that the clearance process can take up to three days.

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