Infant and Child Care

Airport Services

To provide traveling families with the most convenient travel experience, Gulf Air gives them priority at check-in and boarding to avoid long queuing times.
Gulf Air's passengers travelling on selected routes with children under 12 years old can choose to benefit from the assistance of our Sky Nanny.
Gulf Air carries nappies and other baby supplies on board. Please ask our Sky Nanny if there's anything you may have forgotten to pack for your baby. Gulf Air offers baby food, nappies, baby powder, baby lotion, baby wipes, baby bib & cotton bud packs in all flights

Infants On-Board and Bassinets

  • Infants of less than seven days are not allowed to travel by air. Newborn babies older than one week will be accepted for air travel provided they are healthy and have had a normal birth.
  • Each infant must be accompanied by an adult. A child fare will be charged for the infant if a separate seat is needed for him.
  • Infants up to 7 months old, weighing no more than 10 kg and not more than 26” in length can travel using the onboard bassinets* (carry-cots). Please request a bassinet when you book your ticket to ensure availability and to obtain advance confirmation. Should the baby – irrespective of age and advance confirmation from the airline – exceed these set limits, our Cabin Crew will not allow the use of a bassinet as this is perceived as being unsafe and not in compliance with civil airline safety regulations.

Remember to pre-reserve a bassinet on all flights during your journey, not just the first sector.
*Please note that bassinets are not available in Falcon Gold cabin on our new Boeing Dreamliner 787 

Child Meal

Special children's meals are available at no extra charge. These should be requested when booking a child's ticket or at least 24 hours before departure.

Baggage and Pushchairs

  • A child between 2-11 years is entitled to the same baggage allowance as an adult.
  • Infants, aged under 2 years, get a special allowance of one piece of 15 KGs for checked baggage, plus a collapsible stroller/pushchair and an infant car seat.
  • Push-chairs cannot be accepted onboard but are allowed as far as the gate, and must be checked in as baggage. Certain destinations will allow pushchairs to be made available during disembarkation upon advice by the Sky Nanny through a telex, while Gulf Air offers its own pushchair only upon arrival in Bahrain subject to availability.

Infant & Child Restraint Seats

Passengers travelling with infants and children from 6 months to 3 years of age may use their own car type seats in conjunction with a normal aircraft seat when the appropriate child fare has been paid. The car seat must be a forward facing type with proper harnesses that can be strapped to a passenger seat by use of the lap belt.

Gulf Air does not permit rearward facing car seats or booster seats on board. The seat must be a purpose designed children's car seat and must not exceed the dimensions of the relevant aircraft seat that has been paid for. The parent is primarily responsible to ensure that the child is the right size and weight for the car seat.

If you want your infant to sit on a separate seat, the infant must be between 6 and 23 months and you will be charged the child fare. You will need to ensure that you have a car seat that is approved for use on-board aircraft. These following car seats are accepted:

  1. Seats that meet the Technical Standard order TSO-C100B by the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States of America accepts seats that meet or seats which have two markings “This Restraints is Certified for use in Motor Vehicles and Aircraft” in red lettering and “This seat conforms to all applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard”.
  2. Seats approved to Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standard Labeled “(CMVSS) No.213 entitled “Child Restraint Systems” or (CMVSS) No.213 entitled “Infant Seating and Restraint System”.
  3. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) of the United Kingdom allows type 2040-1 Car chair, manufactured by Aviation Furnishing International Limited. It is accepted by the CAA (UK) as a Child Safety Seat specifically designed for aircraft applications.
  4. Seats meeting European Safety Standard requirements of ECE Regulation 44 (ECE R44/03) (ECE: Economic Commission for Europe).

A Summary of Infant/Child Seating and Age Limits

Age Seating
7 days - less than 6 month On parent's lap and an Infant seat belt will be provided by Gulf Air onboard cabin crew
6 month - less than 2 years On parent's lap and an Infant seat belt will be provided by Gulf Air onboard cabin crew. Or a car safety seat provided by the parent (a passenger seat must be booked for child fare)
2 years – less than 3 years A car safety seat provided by the parent (a passenger seat must be booked for child fare) Or a passenger seat and seat belt of the aircraft
3 years or more The Passenger seat and seat belt of the aircraft There is no need for a Child Restraint Seat

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