Health & Safety Measures

Our Cabin

We take extra measures across our fleet in order to minimize the spread of COVID-19. We follow the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) disinfectant procedures inside the aircraft on a daily basis. This disinfection process includes wiping down all surfaces including seat belts, in-seat controls, tray tables, overhead lockers, air vents, door handles and lavatories.

Our modified service

We continue to strive for excellence and you may notice that some of our flights will not have some of our flagship amenities or services to minimise the chance of spreading the virus.



Falcon Gold


Inflight dining

A selection of meals are available and served in covered chinaware with sealed stainless steel cutlery*.

Menus are available on board and treated as disposable .

Hot meals are offered  on medium and long-haul flights


Welcome drinks are served in normal glass ware

Cold and hot beverages selection are available*

Hot and cold beverages are served in regular glassware and china

Reading material

We are not offering newspapers or magazines on board

We are not offering magazines on board

Amenity kits

Pyjamas and amenity kits with vanity items are available in individually sealed bags*

Disposable headsets are available on every seat

Disposable headsets are available on select flights

Pillows and blankets

Pillows are inserted in Plastic bags and pillow case

Blankets and duvets are available in individually sealed bags*.

Pillows are not available on board

Blankets are available in individually sealed bags*

Turndown service

Mattresses and bedsheets are not available on board


Hot and cold towels

Hot and cold towels service is not available on board


Duty free

Not available on board

Not available on board

Falcon WiFi

Available on selected routes

Available on selected routes

Sky Nanny and young travellers

Due to travel restrictions at several airports, unaccompanied minors will not be able to board our flights. Sky Nanny service currently unavailable.

*Available on selected routes

Our air quality

Our Crew

Our Passengers

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