Free Upgrades

Claim your free upgrades

Redeem your miles now for free upgrades to Falcon Gold Class on Gulf Air!

How to claim your free flights with Gulf Air?


Before you claim your free upgrade**, please ensure you have the required miles to be redeemed by using the Mileage Calculator to upgrade to Falcon Gold.


Check upgrade availability* by presenting your Falconflyer membership number via:

  1. Gulf Air World Wide Contact Centre, or
  2. Gulf Air Local Offices.


Select and confirm your requested and available upgrade via:

  1. Gulf Air World Wide Contact Center, or
  2. Gulf Air Local Offices.

Please note that Falconflyer members can redeem their miles against free upgrade on Gulf Air flights even if they are booked on lower sub-classes such as U, V, E, O, N, S, K, X, Q and W in exchange for 150% of the regular required miles. Also, in case of cancellation or changes the rules of the original revenue ticket will apply.


Required miles for booking class upgrade

Below tables shows the eligible booking classes in Economy and number of miles required for upgrade from Economy class to Falcon Gold with Gulf Air flights.

Class of Travel Economy Booking Class Redeeming miles for an upgrade to Falcon Gold
Falcon Gold Y, H, M, L, B 100% of required miles
U, V, E, O, N, S, W, K, X, Q 150% of required miles

Required miles for upgrade from/to Bahrain

Route From/To Bahrain Class Upgrade 100%
(Y, H, M, L, B)
Class Upgrade 150%
(U, V, E, O, N, S, K, X, Q, W)
One Way Return One Way Return
Zone 1 3,000 Miles 6,000 Miles 4,500 Miles 9,000 Miles
Zone 2 9,000 Miles 18,000 Miles 13,500 Miles 27,000 Miles
Zone 3 24,000 Miles 48,000 Miles 36,000 Miles 72,000 Miles

Last minute or instant upgrade

If you haven't claimed  your upgrade in advance through local Gulf Air office or Gulf Air Call Center, now you can request your eligible upgrade in the designated lounges and at the airport. 

Now, get your Lounge upgrade or Instant seat upgrade at the airport. 

*Please bear in mind that we aim to make your choice as wide as possible but there are times of the year, especially busy holiday periods, when the availability of free upgradess will be severely restricted.
*Upgrading to a higher class will be conditional on the member being suitably attired.