Established in 1997, Benefit is licensed by the Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB) as an ancillary service provider to the Kingdom's financial services industry. Benefit is owned by Banks in Bahrain, is regulated by the Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB), and provides innovative e-Payment products to the Kingdom's banks, retailers and consumers.

BenefitPay is the app-based National Electronic Wallet Payment System that is designed to streamline payments in the Kingdom of Bahrain and boost economic growth. It allows consumers and merchants to transact without the use of cash or cards, electronically, securely, and instantly with the payment source coming from the customer's own account.

BenefitPay is backed by the CBB and is the only ePayment system in Bahrain that includes more than 20 of the country's leading banks. The system is PCI-DSS certified and built based on the highest standards of international card security and undergoes multiple penetration tests a year to ensure complete security and compliance.

The BenefitPay app can be downloaded to any Android or IOS device and works using QR Code Scanning Technology. There is a one-time step to add the preferred card, which is then saved securely. When making a purchase, the customer scans a QR code from the merchant app, enters their authentication, and the transaction occurs safely and securely.

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Earn Miles:

BenefitPay is a National Electronic Wallet Payment System that allows consumers and merchants to transact without the use of cash or cards. Instead, Gulf Air Falconflyer members can download the app on their smartphones to either send or accept payments and would need to visit BenefitPay website at the following link to register your membership account:

Falconflyer members will reward 2 Falconflyer miles for every 1 BD payment transaction made through the BenefitPay app.


Claiming Your Miles:

For missing miles, please contact BenefitPay by email:


Contact Details:

For more information and inquiries, please call BenefitPay on 00973 17 500400, or send email to  


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