Mileage Calculator

Use our mileage calculator below in order to:

  • Calculate how many miles to redeem for a Gulf Air flight
    Redeemed miles are based on a one-way trip. 
  • Calculate how many miles you can earn on Gulf Air flights
    Earned miles are based on a full fare Economy or Falcon Gold flight. Fare Types are shown in the drop-down list of the Fare class.
  • Calculate how many miles to upgrade a Gulf Air flight
    Taxes will be collected where applicable.  

Redeem Miles

{{ redeemMilesData[selectedOption1][selectedOption2][selectedCabin] }} Miles

Earn Miles

{{ earnMilesData[selectedOption1][selectedOption2][selectedCabin] }} Miles
Tier Level Miles Earned
Blue Card Holder {{ bluecard | number }}
Silver Card Holder {{ silvercard | number }}
Gold Card Holder {{ goldcard | number }}
Black Card Holder {{ blackcard | number }}
Family Card Holder {{ familymember | number }}


Upgrade To Falcon Gold: {{ upgrade_result }} Miles

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