Free Tickets

How to claim your free flights with Gulf Air?


Before you claim your free flight, please ensure you have the required miles by using the Mileage Calculator either to:

  • Redeem required miles for your free tickets or
  • Redeem required miles for free upgrade to Falcon Gold

To check Mileage Calculator click here


Check flight availability* by presenting your Falconflyer membership number via:


Select and book your requested and available flights via:

Please make a note of your flight record locator (PNR) and ticketing time limit which will be advised to you.
You'll also need to provide your current email address so that a written confirmation of your tickets can be sent to you.

Required miles for flights from Bahrain

  • The below table is a quick reference showing the number of miles needed to redeem for flights from/to Bahrain on both Economy and Falcon Gold.
  • For example: if you would like to redeem a ticket Bahrain-Dubai-Bahrain, on Economy Class, you will refer to Zone1 which will explain that you will need 6,000 Miles for a return ticket.
  • For Multiple Destinations the Miles required for each sector must be added.                                                                                                                                         
  • For example: Dubai-Bahrain-London on Economy Class. Dubai-Bahrain=3,000, Bahrain- London=24,000, total of 27,000 Miles.                                                             
Zone Economy (T) From/To Bahrain Falcon Gold (P) From/To Bahrain
One Way Return One Way Return
Zone 1 3,000 Miles 6,000 Miles 6,000 Miles 12,000 Miles
Zone 2 9,000 Miles 18,000 Miles 18,000 Miles 36,000 Miles
Zone 3 24,000 Miles 48,000 Miles 48,000 Miles 96,000 Miles

Note: Falconflyer Redemption is not applicable on SABTCO Bus service between Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

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