Fare (Earn miles)

Changes in earning Falconflyer miles

Our new Boutique Fares:

We have introduced a new pricing concept of our air fares to make it easier and clearer to our passengers regarding what’s included in each price bracket. The new ‘boutique fares’ come in 3 branded options for economy class and 2 branded options for Falcon Gold class. Passengers can now choose the most suitable fare option depending on their travel needs and desired services along their trip.

With ‘Light’, ‘Smart and ‘Flex’ fare options introduced in economy class and ‘Smart’ and ‘Flex’ introduced for Falcon Gold class, all passengers can conveniently choose any price option which comes with a set benefits including luggage, flexibility in changing or cancelling itineraries, earning Falconflyer miles, advanced seat selection, priority boarding and Falcon Gold lounge access.


What’s the difference and how it works:

  • Falconflyer miles credited differ with the new individual boutique fares.
  • The number of miles you earn will depend on the fare choice selected, in addition to the route you fly and the cabin you choose.
  • Our new boutique fares are: 
Economy ‘Light’ 
Economy ‘Smart’ 
Economy ‘Flex’
Falcon Gold ‘Smart’ 
Falcon Gold ‘Flex’
  • The new fare concept is applicable for all tickets issued on/after 20th October 2020.
  • Under the new fare concept, the mileage earned by members will vary according to the fare choice selected (Light, Smart, Flex).
  • The table below shows the miles earned for each boutique fare:









Falcon Gold





Members cannot earn miles on Industry discounted, free or redemption tickets. Members whom upgraded their tickets to Falcon Gold cabin using either their Falconflyer miles or paid cash for a Last Minute upgrade at the Airport; will get only miles as per the original cabin booked, no miles will be awarded for the upgraded sector. 

One way miles from Bahrain

In the table below you can see the actual miles flown on a one way flight from Bahrain to each destination:

Abu Dhabi 300
Addis Ababa 1424
Alexandria (Burj ElArab) 1303
Amman 961
Athens 1749
Baghdad 618
Baku 987
Bangkok 3340
Bangalore 1980
Beirut 1045
Cairo 1200
Casablanca 3481
Chennai 2124
Colombo 2331
Dammam 300
Delhi 1629
Dhaka 2486
Dubai 301
Erbil 793 
Faisalabad 1397
Frankfurt 2759
Gassim 413
Hyderabad 1885
Islamabad 1435
Istanbul 1596
Jeddah 794
Karachi 1034
Tel Aviv 1033
Singapore 3934
Kochi 2020
Calicut (Kozhikode) 1938
Kuala Lumpur 3739
Kuwait 300
Lahore 1480
Larnaca 1171
London 3154
Malaga 3282
Maldives 2149
Manila 4580
Medina 696
Milan Malpensa 2633
Moscow 2133
Multan 1293
Mumbai 1500
Munich 2582
Muscat 528
Mykonos 1667 
Najaf 546 
Nice 2698 
Paris 2992
Peshawar 1355
Riyadh 300
Salalah 675
Sialkot 1490
Sharm El Sheikh 1011
Tbilisih 1112
Thiruvananthapuram 2117
Santorini 1637

Extra miles

Also, you can earn extra miles by being a Silver, Gold or Black cardholder member and more to receive miles incentives.

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