Blue Membership

Blue is your way to initiate an exciting Falconflyer takeoff

Your Blue membership will grant you the following benefits:

  • Blue tier does not have an expiry date.
  • A digital copy of  your Blue membership card is available online. At the check-in counter when travelling you can present the digital card on your phone or print it in advance by logging online to your membership account.
  • Earn miles while flying Gulf Air
  • Earn miles while using one of our selected services from our wide range of programme partners.
  • Members can redeem miles to upgrade to Silver membership. Only Blue members having at least 600 loyalty points in their account can request for the upgrade. The redeemed miles are non-reversible and non-refundable. For details about required miles for redemption please refer to the table below:

Redeem Your Miles to Upgrade to Silver Tier

A totally new and convenient way to upgrade to Silver membership is through miles redemption instead of accumulating 900 loyalty points within any 12 months period. Blue members who have a minimum of 600 loyalty points in their membership accounts can redeem their miles to upgrade to Silver tier. Miles are redeemed for every multiple of 100 loyalty points.

Required Loyalty Points and Miles for redemption upgrade from Blue to Silver tier:  

Loyalty Points (Multiples of 100 only) Miles Required
100 and less 5,000
101 - 200 10,000
201 - 300 15,000

To redeem your miles, please log on to your membership account,  choose the Tier Upgrade option under "My Account", follow the instructions and submit the completed form.
Miles will be redeemed from your membership account and you will be upgraded to Silver tier once the transaction is successfully completed. 


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