Rules & Terms

1. Definitions

Unless the context specifies otherwise:

  1. 'Member' is defined as the Gulf Air Falconflyer Programme member whose name appears on the Membership Card. 'Account Number' and 'Membership Number' is the number printed on the Card.
  2. 'Family Members' are defined as those immediate family members enrolled into the programme by the Member to earn Miles on their behalf and to receive free flights and other reward benefits as the pre-designated Family Member.
  3. 'Gulf Air Falconflyer' is the name of the Gulf Air Loyalty Programme designed to award Gulf Air's most valued customers with a variety of traveller benefits and with 'Miles' which can be exchanged in specified ways.
  4. 'Miles' are the currency of award accounting for flying Gulf Air on eligible fares. 'Loyalty Points' are the currency of loyalty accounting for flying Gulf Air on any fare and count towards eligible levels of membership. The level of the Member determines traveller 'Privileges'. 'Privileges' are benefits available to the Member usually when travelling.
  5. 'Award' is the 'Miles' and/or 'Loyalty Points' receivable for flying Gulf Air. 'Redemption' is the process for trading in 'Miles' for 'Rewards', such as free tickets, upgrades etc.
  6. Subject to what follows, these 'Terms & Conditions' regulate the relationship between Gulf Air and Members of the Falconflyer programme.

2. General

  1. The Falconflyer programme has been developed to reward the loyalty of individuals choosing to fly frequently with Gulf Air. Participation in the Programme is subject to these Terms & Conditions which are accepted by the Member upon successfully applying online and on signature of the Membership Card.
    After receiving these Terms & Conditions a Member may elect to withdraw from the Programme by advising the Gulf Air Falconflyer programme in writing within 30 days.
  2. Gulf Air reserves the right to amend or terminate these Terms & Conditions and any Awards, Privileges, partner relationships and process of operation of the Programme, with or without prior cause or notice to Members or applicants. Gulf Air will endeavour to give Members reasonable notice of termination of the Programme but cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage resulting from termination or any amendment to the Programme.
  3. All Privileges and Awards are offered subject to the Conditions of Carriage of Gulf Air and are subject to availability and change. Some local variations and restrictions may apply. Some of the Awards, Privileges and Rewards are, or may be, provided by organisations with which Gulf Air has made arrangements but over which it has no control. Gulf Air endeavours to ensure that the proposed Awards and Privileges are made available to Members but it cannot be liable for any consequential loss or damage arising from the provision or non-provision, whether in whole or in part, of any such arrangements nor for the withdrawal from the Programme of any such organisation.
  4. Any service provided by Gulf Air or any organisation to Falconflyer Members will be subject to the standing Terms & Conditions applying to provision of that service and any applicable treaty such as the Warsaw Convention or any other law instruments which may in certain cases govern the Member's contract of carriage by air.
  5. Save for evident gross negligence and willful misconduct of Gulf Air, and without prejudice to these Terms & Conditions, Gulf Air does not accept any liability whatsoever in respect of any loss, injury, delay or damage arising out of or in connection with the Programme.
  6. These Terms & Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Bahrain law. However, Gulf Air will not be liable when complying with local laws which may affect the availability of arrangements and indeed membership of the Programme.
  7. Any taxes, surcharges, duties etc arising from the Member's participation in the Programme shall in all cases be borne by the Member or the traveller.
  8. Gulf Air has the right to revise and amend these terms and conditions from time to time to reflect changes in market conditions affecting our business, changes in technology, changes in payment methods, changes in relevant laws and regulatory requirements and changes in our system's capabilities. All information pertaining to the Programme shall be updated on a regular basis on the Gulf Air website. Members should refer to the website in the first instance for the most up-to-date information pertaining to the Programme and the latest version of the terms and conditions in force from time to time. Members are notified that they should refer to the version of the terms and conditions displayed on the Gulf Air website rather than any printed version, which may be outdated.


3. Membership

  1. Only individual persons aged 2 or over can be enrolled as a Member. Persons aged between 2 and 18 must be enrolled by a Parent or Guardian. In the case of an application for persons between the age of 2 and 18 submitted by a Guardian on behalf of such person, Gulf Air reserves the right to challenge or reject such application where required to do so by relevant legislation. Corporations, organisations and other entities are ineligible. Airline, travel agency, other travel industry associated staff and professional couriers are also ineligible to join.
  2. An individual who wish to become a member of the Gulf Air Falconflyer programme can enrol online at
  3. Membership is open to individuals resident in any country, subject to local laws and restrictions who submit a valid, completed application form online. Gulf Air may refuse membership or amend its enrolment criteria at its discretion.
  4. An individual is not allowed to hold more than one Account or make multiple applications to the Programme. Breaches of this condition may lead to loss of Awards and any action by Gulf Air at its discretion.
  5. An application for Membership will denote acceptance and explicit authorisation of Gulf Air to process and store the information given and to use such stored information for it and its business partners' marketing or communication purposes.
  6. In case of misuse or misrepresentation by the Member of his position as a Member or failure to comply with these Terms & Conditions, Gulf Air reserves the right to cancel his Membership forthwith, with loss of all accrued Awards and Privileges and if necessary take legal proceedings against him. Gulf Air also reserves the right to cancel any Membership at its sole discretion.
  7. Members can earn miles for any GF flights taken 90 days prior to the date of their enrolment.
  8. Membership and Account credit is not transferable or assignable to other individuals, trusts or estates. Upon the death of a Member, Membership will be terminated and any miles that have been accumulated to the deceased Member’s account prior to death will be cancelled. However, Gulf Air may, at its own discretion, reinstate accumulated miles of such deceased Member’s account in favour of the legally appointed executor and/or beneficiary of such deceased Member upon submission of proof of such appointment, i.e. a certified copy of the death certificate and/or power of attorney or any other court order or other legal evidence depending on the rules of the country in which the Member resides.
  9. Members may terminate their Membership by writing to Gulf Air Falconflyer programme at any time.
  10. Members may change their mailing address and contact details online.
  11. Membership at the entry level of the programme (Blue) does not have an expiry date. If, however, there is no activity shown in three years period, the Membership Account will automatically be deactivated. Membership for Silver level  is valid for a period of one year, Gold and Black membership levels are valid for a period of two years, renewable according to the criteria of minimum annual activity requirements laid down by Gulf Air at its discretion.
  12. Once a Member is enrolled in the programme, he/she will be able to nominate up to eight Family Members to earn miles on his/her behalf. Family members may be the spouse, children, brothers, sisters and so on, as defined by immediate family.
  13. Family Members will receive their own Membership Number but will only earn 70% of the regular mileage, which will go into the Members account. Family Members do not earn miles for partner activities and code share flights and are not entitled to any service benefits and privileges.
  14. Members travelling on industry discounted fares (Airline discounted tickets) are not eligible for any tier benefits.

4. Membership card

A digital copy of the membership card is available online, the member can present the digital card on phone or print it in advance by logging online to the membership account.

5. Membership Grade and Loyalty Points

  1. The levels of membership - Blue, Silver, Gold and Black - determine increasing degrees of travelling Privileges and other benefits. The current Privileges are described in the Member's Guide and on the website. These will be added to and/or amended over time. Normal entry to the Programme is at the Blue level. Promotion of Members from Blue to Silver, Silver to Gold and from Gold to Black is on the achievement of specified thresholds of Loyalty Points.
  2. Loyalty Points will be awarded only for the Member's travel on Gulf Air flights, ticketed with the relevant carrier's flight number. Every flight, at any fare (with the exception of travel industry discounted fares and redemption tickets T & P classes), is credited with Loyalty Points. Travel in Falcon Gold earns a successively higher credit. The Gulf Air network has been divided into zones for the award of Loyalty Points and the number of Points awarded by class of travel and by zone is detailed in the Guide.
  3. The number of Loyalty Points required for promotion to Silver, Gold and Black membership are given on the website. 12 months for Silver and Gold and 24 months for Black beginning from the issue of the first Membership Card.
  4. Loyalty Points have a validity of 12 months for Blue & Silver membership and 24 months for Gold & Black membership from the first flight date, after which they expire and can no longer be counted in the cumulative total.


6. Membership Grade Promotion and Demotion

  1. As soon as a Member's Account shows a cumulative Loyalty Point total equal to or over the number required for Silver, Gold or Black membership (earned during the previous 12 months or less for Silver & Gold and 24 months for Black ), the Member will immediately be promoted to the relevant level and a new Card will be issued. New Silver membership status is then valid for one year, Gold and Black membership status is valid for two years.
  2. Prior to the expiry date for all Cards, the cumulative Loyalty Points earned will be compared with the level required to maintain membership at the same level. If sufficient Loyalty Points have been earned at the time of renewal over the previous 12 months for Silver and 24 months for Gold and Black, the Member's Card will be renewed at the same level.  Silver membership will be valid for 12 months, Black and Gold membership will be valid for 24 months from the date of renewal.
  3. If the required level of Loyalty Points has not been maintained, the Member's Card will be renewed at the relevant (lower) level. If no Loyalty Points have been earned over the previous 12 months for Silver,  24 months for Gold and Black, Gulf Air reserves the right not to renew the Member's Card.

7. Mileage Awards

  1. Mileage awards can be earned on Gulf Air flights at eligible fare levels only. Published Falcon Gold, full Economy and Economy Excursion fares qualify for Mileage awards. Certain "promotional" or "discounted" fares earn a reduced Award, whilst most other (discounted) fares, including bulk or other unpublished fares or travel industry discounted fares and redemption tickets are not eligible for Mileage awards at all.
  2. The specific class codes which are eligible for Mileage awards and the number of miles awarded by flight, by tier and by class code are detailed  on the website.

8. Crediting Loyalty Points and Miles

  1. The crediting of due Loyalty Points and Miles to a Member's Account relies upon an automated activity tracking system. Recognition of a Member's qualifying activity is driven by the data capture of the Membership number in association with that activity. Failure by the Member to declare his Membership of the Programme and his Membership number at the prescribed stages in booking and undertaking any activity will result in no automatic award of Loyalty Points and/or Miles. It is then the Member's responsibility to make a retroactive claim for credit (see Section 9) which, if eligible, would then be credited to his Account.
  2. The Member should ensure that he or whoever is making an eligible booking on his behalf is aware of the Membership number and Member name as it appears on the Card and makes it known to Gulf Air at the time of booking. Traveller privileges cannot be provided if the Member has not advised his Membership number and level.
  3. The Member should also produce his Membership digital Card at check in to confirm data capture of his activity, even if his Membership number was already given at reservation stage.

9. Retroactive Claims for Credits

  1. If the record of a Gulf Air qualifying flight does not appear on the online membership account after the flight date, or, in the view of the Member, it appears incorrectly, then the Member should complete the retroactive claim form which is available on the member's area of the website. Members should retain the original boarding pass(es) and a legible copy of the passenger ticket and keep it in case they are requested to send it to the Programme offices in Bahrain. If the recording error involves a partner activity, the Member should follow the instructions given for that partner on the website, including the provision of appropriate invoiced activity record documents. File copies should be retained for the Member's own reference.
  2. All claims for retroactive credit must be made within six months of the flight or partner activity in question. No claims for retroactive credit more than six months after the activity will be accepted.
  3. Retroactive claims for flights taken 90 days prior to the date in which the individual applied for membership will be eligible for credit.
  4. Family members once enrolled into the programme can only earn miles for GF flights taken from the enrolment date. Retroactive claims are not eligible for flights taken prior enrolment date in which the family members applied for membership.
  5. Retroactive claims will not be accepted without the detailed evidence required in 9.1.
  6. Members are strongly requested to undertake their own correct recording and recognition of activity by retaining all boarding passes, passenger coupons from tickets or e-tickets and partner transaction documents in order to settle any account discrepancies and retroactive claims.

10. Account Statement

  1. Member Account will be updated on the website every 24 hours provided there are activities to be reported. Copies of the Statement are always available on the website  for the Member to review. Inactive Members' Statements will be suppressed until activity recommences.

11. Mileage Redemption

  1. A Member Account will be credited with the relevant number of Miles due for each and every member qualifying activity. The mechanism used to 'pay' for any redemption activity is Miles. No redemption activity can take place until the Member has sufficient Miles in their account.
  2. Miles may not be combined with those belonging to another Member. However, a Member may exchange his/her own Miles for free flights or other benefits in respect of his eight pre-designated family members. A Member may create or make amendments to the list of his pre-designated family members. A member may make a change to four Family Members on this list in any 12 month period from January to December. 
  3. Miles are valid for a period of three (3) years from the date on which a Member undertakes the relevant flight or enters into the applicable transaction with a relevant partner. Unused Miles will expire at the end of such validity period.

12. Redemption Process General

  1. The redemption process uses Miles in exchange for valuable free benefits. Gulf Air cannot be liable for any goods or services provided to the Member in exchange for Miles.
  2. All redemption rewards are subject to availability. The Member should bear this in mind when making plans to obtain a redemption reward. Free flights should be planned, booked and "paid" for with Miles as long in advance of the flight as possible (maximum 11 months) to maximise the chance of securing the Member's first choice.
  3. The Member must follow the procedures laid down for the redemption process. Any attempt willfully to circumvent the procedures or restrictions on access to redemption reward opportunities may lead to Gulf Air cancelling the Membership and all unused Miles which the Member has accumulated.
  4. There are five principal redemption rewards
  • Free flights on Gulf Air
  • Free upgrades on Gulf Air
  • Excess baggage
  • Lounge access
  • Tier upgrade
  • Benefits offered by Gulf Air Programme partners


Additional Programme partners and benefits will become regularly available and will be described in supplementary terms and conditions at time of introduction. 

The redemption procedures for exchanging Miles for free flights and upgrades on Gulf Air are laid down elsewhere in the Guide and on the website.

13. Buy and Transfer Miles

1. ​Buy/Gift Miles Rules

  1. Members can buy up to 50% of their current miles balance.
  2. Member can only buy/gift a maximum of 50,000 miles yearly based on rolling 365 days. Not based on calendar year.
  3. Purchased miles will be valid for a period of three (3) years from the transaction date in accordance to the terms and conditions of the Programme.
  4. Minimum balance of loyalty points is 200 point.
  5. Account should be one month old valid (Accounts less than one month will not be able to buy or Transfer miles).

2. Transfer Miles Rules

  1. Member can only transfer a maximum of 50,000 miles yearly based on rolling 365 days. Not based on calendar year.
  2. Transferred miles will continue to maintain their original expire date, three (3) years from the date the miles were earned in the sender's account in accordance to the terms & conditions of the Programme. Year beginning 1 January and ending 31 December. 
  3. Miles can only be transferred to another Falconflyer account and cannot be transferred to other partner airlines membership account.
  4. Minimum balance of loyalty points is 200 point.
  5. Account should be one month old valid (Accounts less than one month will not be able to buy or Transfer miles).

3. General Rules

  1. Minimum miles per transaction is 1,000 miles.
  2. Maximum miles per transaction is 10,000 miles. 
  3. Maximum yearly miles transactions is 50,000 Miles
  4. Minimum balance of loyalty points is 200 point.
  5. Account should be one month old valid (Accounts less than one month will not be able to buy or Transfer miles).
  6. Miles can be transferred and purchased online in multiples of 1,000s.
  7. Transferring and purchasing miles can only be performed by using online 'Buy &Transfer Mile' application form. 
  8. Miles are credited on completion of the transaction and can be used within one hour. 
  9. No loyalty points will be earned for miles transactions. 
  10. Once the transaction has been made, both, the transferred and purchased miles in addition to the charges cannot be reversed, re-deposited or refunded. 
  11. Gulf Air reserves the right to change the pricing and terms of “Buy & Transfer Miles” at any time. 
  12. The purchased, transferred miles are subject to the normal terms and conditions of the Falconflyer Programme. 
  13. In transfer or Gift miles both the sender and recipient must be members of Gulf Air Falconflyer Programme. 
  14. Purchase and Transfer charges are deducted per transaction. 
  15. By providing credit card details and confirming the purchase or transfer of miles, members are acknowledging and agreeing to the terms and conditions of the Falconflyer Programme which may be amended later.
  16. In the case of fraud or misuse, as defined in terms and conditions, Gulf Air reserves the right at any time to terminate the membership of any member and may cancel all accrued awards and privileges. 
  17. Corporate Loyalty Accounts are not eligible for Buy & Transfer Miles. 
  18. Details available on Buy & Transfer Miles page.

14. Partners

  1. Miles can be earned for partner activities as specified in the Partner pages.
  2. For specific conditions relating to each partner, please refer to the individual Partner pages on the website.
  3. Gulf Air may change, terminate Falconflyer programme Partners or modify partner agreements as it deems necessary with or without prior notice to Members.
  4. Gulf Air will honour miles which have been reported by partners and awarded into member account prior to termination of the partnership.
  5. Retro Claims for any missing miles acquired through partner services must be submitted directly to the relevant Partner.
  6. Once miles are added cannot be refunded, transferred or reversed.  
  7. Gulf Air is not responsible should a member provide an incorrect Falconflyer membership number to the partner.
  8. Family members are not eligible to earn miles with Partners.

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