Family Membership

Because family means no one gets left behind or forgotten, Gulf Air aims to make your travelling experience as rewarding as possible with your family members.

In Family Membership:

  • Nominate up to 8 family members
  • Nominated family members can earn 70% of the regular mileage award on your behalf every time they fly on Gulf Air - even if they're not travelling with you.
  • Each nominated family member* will receive his/her own membership number. A digital copy of Family membership card is available online that can print by logging online to the membership account.
  • To receive their miles, ensure that their membership numbers are quoted when booking.
  • A member may make a change to 4 family members on his list in any 12 month period from January to December. 

Nominate Family Members

To add or remove your Falconflyer family members, login to the secure area of the FFP site, where you will find the Family Details form located in My Account section.

*Please note that family members are not entitled to the benefits and privileges of the programme nor can they accumulate miles when using partners.

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