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Your Falconflyer Programme:

In this section, we will update you with information about Gulf Air's Falconflyer programme – benefits and privileges that make your travel easier and more pleasant with Gulf Air!

Redeem Falconflyer Miles to Access Gulf Air Lounges

Did you know you that Falconflyer members traveling with Gulf Air can redeem their Falconflyer miles, for either themselves or their travel companions, in order to access the airline’s dedicated lounges at Bahrain, Dubai and London Heathrow Airports?

Bahrain Lounge Dubai Lounge London Heathrow Lounge
Redeem 5,000 Falconflyer miles or
pay BHD30
Redeem 3,000 Falconflyer miles or
pay AED150
Redeem 5,000 Falconflyer miles.
No cash or credit cards are accepted

Terms & Conditions apply; please click here to read more details.