new group of bahraini pilots fly with gulf air

Wednesday, August 21, 2019
New Group of Bahraini Pilots Fly with Gulf Air

Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain – 21 August 2019: A new batch of Bahraini pilots recently took to the skies with the Kingdom of Bahrain’s national carrier as they completed ground and base training courses. A group of 8 pilots are now operating as Second Officers to complete a set of flying hours and earn their next stripe to become First Officers in the future. Gulf Air’s training programme is tailored to bring a value-added, unmatched training experience to Gulf Air’s Bahraini aviation professionals. Aimed at enhancing opportunities for the training and employment of Bahrainis within the Kingdom’s aviation sector, Gulf Air’s training programme is continuing to establish a solid base of Bahraini pilots that will help the airline achieve its strategic expansion.


Gulf Air is committed to invest in its Bahraini workforce and their career development and as such, it continues to provide opportunities for Bahraini nationals to take over senior positions in the company with 90% of employees that are based at the headquarters in Muharraq being Bahraini along with nearly 70% of its pilots. The airline has established a tailored programme in which it recruits and trains Bahrainis to become aviation professionals and continue Bahrain’s legacy of being a longstanding reliable source of aviation industry professionals who have served the national carrier and other regional airlines.


Photo caption (from left to right): Mr. Ahmed Al Balooshi, Mr. Mohamed Shareef, Mr. Yusuf Al Kooheji, Mrs. Maryam Majed, Chief Operations Officer Capt. Suhail Ismaeel, Deputy CEO Capt. Waleed Al Alawi, Mr. Ahmed Al Kooheji, Mr. Salman Mahmood, Mr. Mohamed Baslar and Mr. Khalid Al Gaoud.


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