Tel Aviv Details:

The modern city of Tel Aviv offers a range of beautiful beaches, cultural landmarks, and enchanting settings, promising an excellent city experience.

Situated on the vibrant Israeli Mediterranean coast, this metropolis is known for excellent food, especially on the vegan front, with a great variety of restaurants and cafes covering all tastes.

The must-see architectural setting in the city is the Bahaus, also known as The White City. There are distinct white concrete buildings constructed in the 1930s which have an appealing art deco appearance. Tel Aviv also boasts over 200 museums that cover a vast spectrum of subjects. One of the best ways to fully explore everywhere is by bike. There are bikes to rent with lots of stations situated throughout the city.


Tel Aviv is a city of different cultures that have arisen from a mixture of ethnic groups that make up the ever-developing environment. The cultural highlights are to be discovered throughout the city and include wonderful architecture, stimulating museums, highly engaging theatre and a vibrant nightlife. The museums include greatly regarded institutions such as the Eretz Israel Museum Complex that hosts a number of different buildings that consider all types of subjects including pottery, art, immigration and much more.

People and Traditions

The people of Tel Aviv are welcoming and are made-up of a mixture of ethnicities, colouring the city with a variety of  traditions and events that run throughout the year. Whenever you visit, there is normally something to see and do.

Major events to experience include the Laila Lavan (White Night) – this is a three-day festival which is one of the biggest cultural events of the year. It includes many amazing events taking place across the city, including beach concerts, parties, special exhibitions and tours. Moreover, there is the Sail Tel Aviv which is an exciting sailing regatta and the Tel Aviv Night Run, an event that attracts thousands of runners from across the globe.

There are some fantastic venues to visit including the Nokia Arena which is a multi-purpose arena that hosts concerts, music festivals and major sporting events. For those looking for classical theatre and music, it’s a good idea to visit the Charles R. Bronfman Auditorium that features the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra performing concerts and galas all year long.


Tel Aviv has a Mediterranean climate with plenty of enjoyable sunshine throughout the year. Summer runs from June to October and is at its hottest in August, with a fair share of humidity. Average temperatures range from 12 degrees centigrade in the winter to 30 degrees centigrade in the summer.

Flights frequency
Electricity 230 v
Time Zone
GMT +2
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Things To Do

Tel Aviv is recognised as a party city with an exuberant vibe running through it. There is an abundance of restaurants, bars and cafes to enjoy. Dining is an important part of the culture, and this is emphasised by the quality and diversity of excellent food to be found.

There is much to do throughout the year. As well as the events already covered, there are a host of other great things. This includes The Nahalat Binyamin Arts and Crafts Fair which runs every week on Tuesdays and Fridays. It is a must if this is one of your interests. There is also a wealth of high-end Tel Aviv shopping – showcasing the city’s marvellous shopping arenas situated throughout Tel Aviv.


Tel Aviv is definitely a city to explore and make the most of. The port city of Jaffa is the jewel in the crown to go and experience. A network of winding old streets that are decked with bars, cafes and places to just sit and observe. There is also a marvellous flea market that is one of the oldest in the world. It is full of antiques, bric-a-brac, sculptures and clothing. It has recently become highly trendy in its outlook and appeal.

The old industrial areas of Tel Aviv have been undergoing extensive renovation and it’s well worth visiting to experience how the new can enhance the old. There are also fantastic beaches which are fronted by the Tel Aviv Tayelet. This is a striking promenade that stretches along the coastline. Its lovely to stroll along and soak up all the beautiful sites that present themselves.

Tel Aviv offers much to do, much to enjoy and much that will remain in your memories once you have been there.

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