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Mykonos is a serene Greek paradise, situated in an Island Group called The Cyclades. It is a fascinating land of glamour, excitement, attractions and simplicity - highlighted with amazing beaches. It is 85.5 square kilometres and has an enticing landscape, with whitewashed buildings that reflect the sun and create a welcoming bright environment. The nickname of Mykonos is “The Island of Winds”, and it does get windy from time to time.

As with most of Greece, Mykonos has a strong Mythological background. It is written that the island was named after its first ruler, Mykons, who was believed to be the son or grandson of the god Apollo. The island of Mykonos is said to have been created from the bodies of giants that were slain by Hercules. 

The main economy of Mykonos is based on Tourism. This is a mixture of mainly foreign visitors, but also Greeks. There are great range of facilities such as hotels, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, water facilities and other attractions. The age range of visitors covers all generations, although there is a strong young dynamic.

Flights frequency
Electricity 230 v
Time Zone
GMT +2
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Things To Do

Mykonos is a major tourist destination, and this highly influences the range of attractions on offer. There is a lively waterfront that includes fishing boats that originated in earlier times but still cast a large presence and generate a fantastic aura of colourful sea reflection. The waterfront includes restaurants and bars as well as strolling Pelicans, which have become a major feature and are adored by both locals and visitors.

Being an island, Mykonos is of course surrounded by beaches, which can be travelled around by water taxis that provide lovely, simple Mediterranean delight. The beaches have golden sand and are great for all manner of water sports, as well as simple, relaxing, sunbathing.

There is also local shopping in Mykonos’s narrow streets which is an interesting diversion, with lots local handmade leather goods and jewellery. Be aware of the afternoon siesta times when shops are closed.


There is much to explore and enjoy on the enchanting island of Mykonos. The Mykonos Windmills that are situated on the coast are iconic and make the island instantly recognisable. There are seven in a line and are simple yet classical.

A captivating exploration is visiting the small island of Delos which is very close to Mykonos. There’s a lot to discover, like the Terrace of the Lions from the 7th century BC, the Doric Temple of the Delians, the Minoan Fountain, a series of market squares and the Theatre Quarter, laid with splendid mosaics.

Other inspection can include the remaining lovely shopping markets, the restaurants and bars, and of course the antiquities and stunning beaches.

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