Before you travel checklist:

The list below is important to every traveler, whether it is your first trip or you are a frequent flyer.
The list will take you through all the important steps, procedures and documents you need for your trip.
Please go through each step mentioned below and you can click on 'more info' link to read more about each item.

Before your departure:

  1. Passport and travel documents: Check your passport validity and if it is valid for six months from the day of arrival.
  2. Visa requirements: check if your destination country requires a visa whether it is a visit visa, work visa or any other type of visa. (You can check through this link).
  3. View you itinerary details: check you travel date, itinerary status, seat arrangements, and any other details needed.  Please visit our My Booking Section
  4. Travel Insurance: Travelling for leisure or business, unforeseen circumstances may force you to cancel your trip, seek accidental medical emergency treatment or return home early. The travel insurance certificate will cover a number of cases. Click here for more info (
  5. Accommodation: Search through our hotel website for the best hotel location and price.
  6. Transport: based on your destination and the type of transport you prefer. You can arrange your car hire, train tickets or taxi pick-up before you reach your destination.
  7. Tours and activities: search for tours, activities in your destination city and book them in advance.
  8. Duty-Free: Now you can check our Duty-Free website, pre-order your desired goods and receive them on board.
  9. Special Needs: If you are a traveler with a special need i.e. blind passenger, deaf passenger, with walking difficulty or any other type of special need. You can request an assistance through My Booking section or contact our call center for more information.
  10. Special Meals: They are available upon request based on your needs. You can request them through My Booking section or contact our call center for more information.

The day of travel:

  1. Flight status: check the flight status in case on any early departure, flight delay or cancelation.
  2. Web check-in and mobile check-in: you can finish you check-in online 24 hours prior your departure.
  3. Check-in: You can always check-in at the airport though one of our check-in counters.
  4. Time management: Please arrive at the airport 2-4 hours prior your flight departure. Allow yourself a plenty of time to drop your baggage, go through immigration procedures and security checks.

Packing for you trip:

It is an important part in your trip planning. A checklist will help to do your packaging properly and avoid forgetting vital elements in the trip.

You should consider your baggage-allowance for checked-in baggage, the size of it, the weight of your cabin baggage, the size of it and the material carried inside.

Download printable checklist form .

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