Transit in Bahrain

Due to travel restrictions and regulations, Stopover Paid by Carrier is currently unavailable and the maximum transit time at Bahrain International Airport has been limited to 12 hours only. If your flight transit time exceeds 12 hours, please contact the World Wide Contact Centre to rebook your flight. We advise that you continue to check for updates with the relevant authorities prior to booking your flight or travelling. .

Connecting at Bahrain International Airport

If you are connecting in Bahrain from one Gulf Air flight to another, you may be entitled to hotel accommodation for your short stay in Bahrain. In case your transit time is more than 7 hours but less than 24 hours, based on certain fare qualifications and your connecting flights, you may be entitled to get hotel accommodation for your short stay. It will include a free visa for the period. However, your entry to the Kingdom of Bahrain is on the sole discretion of Ministry of Interior at the time of arrival.


Passengers are advised to review their ticket conditions for Stopover Paid by Carrier 

Terms of hotel accommodation

  • Outbound and inbound flights to Bahrain must be booked on a Gulf Air flight number (including Gulf Air Codeshare flights) and operated by Gulf Air
  • Only applicable to a through fare (i.e. not two separate tickets)
  • Customers under the age of 16 years who are entitled to a Stopover Paid by Carrier (STPC) must be accompanied by either a parent or guardian
  • Hotel accommodation will be provided and charged per direction to customers with connecting flights departing in more than 7 hours from their arrival in Bahrain
  • Connecting flights will be based on the first available immediate connection out of Bahrain. If there is a connecting flight within 7 hours, the STPC entitlement will not be applicable. Passengers choosing a longer connection will have to purchase a stopover product 
  • Passengers with a purchased ticket value of US400 (ticket fare + carrier imposed charges) or more (one-way and/or return ticket), will be entitled to a complimentary STPC
  • Passengers with a purchased ticket value of less than US400 (ticket fare + carrier imposed charges) (one-way and/or return) can book their STPC for USD75 per Adult and US40 per child (between the ages of 2-12 years old) before departing their originating destination
  • For STPC purchases during transit in Bahrain, the charges will be USD 95.00 per adult (Economy) and USD 180.00 per adult (Falcon Gold).
  • Falcon Gold passengers and FalconFlyer Black card holders will be entitled to a complimentary STPC
  • Infants under the age of two years old will not be charged for STPC


Passengers may call our World Wide Contact Centre to book their STPC entitlement up to 24 hours before departure. Passenger departing within 24 hours can visit Gulf Air’s customer service desk located in Bahrain International Airport.


Passengers traveling between the Indian subcontinent and the Middle East will receive two (2) meal vouchers during their transit. Alternatively, an STPC can be purchased prior to the departure time at USD 75.00 per adult (Economy) and USD 150.00 per adult (Falcon Gold)


Q: What if my connecting flight is cancelled and/or delayed beyond 7 hrs? 

A: All Gulf Air passengers, irrespective of their ticket value or booked cabin, will be entitled to a complimentary STPC 

Q: What if Bahrain Immigration refuses my entry into Bahrain even though I am entitled to/purchased an STPC?

A: Falcon Gold passengers will be provided access to the Gulf Air Falcon Lounge at Bahrain International Airport. All other passengers will be provided with a meal voucher only. Passengers who have paid for their STPC, will be provided with a full refund. 

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