Transit in Bahrain

Connecting at Bahrain International Airport

You may be entitled to hotel accommodation in Bahrain if you are connecting from one Gulf Air flight to another.

Conditions of hotel accommodation

  • Outbound and inbound to Bahrain must be booked on a Gulf Air flight number (this includes Gulf Air codeshare flights).
  • Only applicable to a through fare (i.e. not two separate tickets).
  • Customers under 16 years who are entitled to hotel accommodation must be accompanied by either the parent or guardian.
  • Hotel accommodation will be provided and charged per direction to customers with connections in excess of 8 hours.


The provision of hotel accommodation will be provided in the following manner:

Bookings on the following fare families (classes) are entitled to complimentary hotel accommodation:

  • Falcon Gold Freedom (J)
  • Falcon Gold Friendly (C)
  • Falcon Gold Basic (D)
  • Economy Freedom (Y)
  • Economy Friendly (H, M, L only) 

The following classes will be provided a hotel accommodation at a charge of $55.00 per adult and $30.00 per child (between 2 - 12 years old). No additional charges for Infants (0 - 23 Months).

  • Falcon Gold Deal (I)
  • Falcon Gold Miles Redemption (P)
  • Economy Friendly (B only)
  • Economy Basic (K, X, Q, V, E)
  • Economy Deal (O, N, S, W)
  • Economy Miles Redemption (T)
  • Economy (G, U)

Please note: 

  • Hotel accommodation will not be provided if there is a connecting flight from Bahrain within 8 hours that the customer can be connected to, unless no seats are available on the first connecting flight.
  • If all of the above applies to you, please visit your nearest Gulf Air Sales office or call our Worldwide Contact Centre prior to the start of your journey to collect your voucher. This must be presented to Gulf Air staff when you arrive in Bahrain.
  • In case an entitled passenger is requesting hotel accommodation on arrival at Bahrain International Airport, the passenger will be charged $80.00 for the hotel accommodation.

Special Cases

  • If a customer's connection is cancelled and/or delayed beyond 8 hours, irrespective of the booking class, passenger will be entitled to complimentary hotel accommodation.
  • If Bahrain immigration refuses entry to a passenger who is entitled for a hotel accommodation; a Falcon Gold passenger (on booking classes J, C, D, I, P) will be entitled to use the Falcon Lounge and a meal voucher will be provided. All other customers will have a meal voucher provided. For customers who have paid the stop-over-charge, a refund will be provided.
  • For passengers travelling between the Indian sub-continent and The Gulf, no hotel accommodation provisions will be made unless the booking class is on Falcon Gold Freedom(J), Falcon Gold Friendly (C), Falcon Gold Basis (D), Economy Freedom (Y), Economy Friendly (H, M or L only). Other Falcon Gold customers on these routes will be provided access to the Falcon Gold lounge and a meal voucher. Economy Class customers on these routes will be provided with a meal voucher.