The major international airport for Istanbul, Ataturk Istanbul Airport is a thriving transport hub that sees millions of passengers taking off and arriving on its runways every year. Located just 15 miles from Istanbul city centre, Istanbul Airport is ideally placed for those who are visiting Istanbul or any part of Turkey. Istanbul Airport is a modern airport packed with a variety of convenient amenities, including plenty of outlets where you can enjoy some food and drinks while waiting for your flight. Istanbul Airport also offers duty free shopping, an airport hotel and a comfortable lounge for passengers waiting to depart. Gulf Air flights at Istanbul Airport If you're flying from Istanbul Airport with Gulf Air, you'll find our check in counters located in Terminal 2, Zone B 17-21. And you can check in as late as 60 minutes before departure. The earliest time you can check in is 3 hours before your Istanbul Airport flight. If you arrive before this time, feel free to visit the various shops and restaurants available. Fly to Istanbul and beyond with Gulf Air Turkey is a beautiful country that deserves exploring. You can view more information about holidays in Turkey and book flights to Istanbul to make the most of an unforgettable holiday.
Terminal Details
Terminal 2
Check-in Counters / zones / areas
Zone B 17-21
Earliest Check-in Time
3 hours
Check-in Closing Time
60 minutes before departure
Liquid, Aerosols and Gel's (LAG) Restriction