Paris flights typically fly to and from the Charles de Gaulle Airport - also known as the Paris Roissy - which is located 14 miles north east of Paris. The Charles de Gaulle Airport is the largest airport serving Paris and is Europe's second busiest passenger airport - following London's Heathrow Airport. This Paris airport comprises of three terminals linked by shuttle bus. Gulf Air passengers will find that their Paris flights depart from Terminal 2C. Check-in closing time for your Gulf Air flights from Paris is sixty minutes before flight from Paris. Getting around Paris from the Charles de Gaulle Airport There are multiple travel options for flights to and from this Paris airport. The Charles de Gaulle Airport offers a number of road links and taxi services, as well as an integrated train system that can transport passengers to the centre of Paris in around 45 minutes and Disney World Paris in just ten. Fliers spending time in this Parisian airport will find it well-equipped for travellers and featuring a variety of shops, restaurants and banking and business facilities. Gulf Air passengers can also relax at the Salon Premiere lounge, accessible by Duty Free, when flying from this Paris airport. Booking for Paris flights at the Charles de Gaulle Airport It easy to book flights to and from Paris online with Gulf Air, so fill in our booking form and secure your Paris Airport flights today
Terminal Details
Terminal 2E
Check-in Counters / zones / areas
Earliest Check-in Time
3 hours
Check-in Closing Time
60 minutes before departure
Liquid, Aerosols and Gel's (LAG) Restriction

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