Cairo Airport is located in North-East Cairo, Egypt's capital and one of the world's largest and most fascinating olden cities. Your flight to Cairo takes you into an ancient city steeped in history. Cairo is built on the Nile in the shadow of the infamous pyramids, while Cairo's Islamic City and Old Cairo preserve the fascinating medieval architecture of its past, though Cairo caters for modern tourism too. Downtown Cairo has been called 'Paris on the Nile,' and Cairo Airport itself is a modern and extensive airport, serving millions of passengers on flights to and from Cairo each year. Checking in at Cairo Airport Gulf Air flights to Cairo arrive at Terminal 1 of Cairo Airport, and passengers check in at airport counters 30 to 35. The Cairo Airport lounge can be found in the airport's departure hall, and is designed to provide a relaxing environment for Gulf Air passengers. The earliest check-in time at Cairo Airport is 3 hours before flights, and closing time is 60 minutes prior to departure for Falcon Gold and Economy class. Cairo Airport is one of the busiest airports in the whole of Africa, and is linked conveniently to Cairo by two main roads and frequent taxis and airport buses. Flights to Cairo with Gulf Air You can find out more about Gulf Air flights to Cairo on our flights to Cairo and Cairo Airport pages. Check the online flights schedule and choose the perfect timing for your flight to Cairo.
Terminal Details
Terminal 2
Check-in Counters / zones / areas
Earliest Check-in Time
3 Hours
Check-in Closing Time
60 minutes before departure
Liquid, Aerosols and Gel's (LAG) Restriction

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