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Medical Application

Medical practitioners can now access the Online Carriage of Medical Passengers application form on our website and submit their patient's details directly to our doctor when requesting approval for travel on Gulf Air services.

The site also allows for follow-up on the progress of the application until it is approved, and all cases are stored in the system for future reference, if necessary.

Before you access the medical application, there is a step-by-step guide explaining how to complete it, and medical guidelines are also available for immediate reference while completing the application.

To access the Carriage of Medical Passengers application form, please click here.


When assessing a patient's fitness for air travel, the effects of reduced atmospheric pressure and consequent reduction in oxygen tension must be considered.



Expectant Mothers

For uncomplicated single pregnancies, we restrict travel beyond the end of the 36 weeks, and for twins, triplets etc., beyond the end of the 32 weeks. Air travel is not permitted for mothers within the first week after delivery.



If an asthmatic passenger is likely to need oxygen during the flight, Gulf Air should be informed of the possibility at the time of reservation and/or at least three days before travel in order to arrange onboard oxygen cylinders.


On Board

Stretchers can only be accommodated in the Economy cabin of the aircraft, and the charged fare will be five normal IATA published one-way adult fares inclusive of 100 kgs free baggage allowance.

Special Needs

Hearing-impaired passengers should inform Gulf Air of their condition at the time of booking a ticket, and should also request any special assistance at this point. Medical clearance is not necessary.


Other cases

Stable diabetics do not require medical clearance but those with unstable conditions should obtain approval from the Gulf Air Head of Medical Services in Bahrain.

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