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Gulf Air's Newest Destination: Dhaka, Bangladesh

We are delighted to announce that Gulf Air will resume flying to the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka from Monday, 30 May 2016 operating 05 weekly flights with a proposed schedule that will provide travellers with seamless connectivity via the airline’s efficient Bahrain International Airport hub, to key GCC and European destinations.

Flights to/from Dhaka will operate as per the below schedule and are available for booking by calling our 24 hour Worldwide Contact Centre on (+973) 17373737, or through any Gulf Air sales office and approved travel agencies. 

Flight Frequency Departure Airport Departure Time Arrival Airport Arrival Time
GF 248 Monday, Wednesday Bahrain 1:00 Dhaka 9:30
GF 249 Monday, Wednesday Dhaka 10:30 Bahrain 13:25
GF 250 Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday Bahrain 20:10 Dhaka 4:40
GF 251 Wednesday, Friday, Sunday Dhaka 5:40 Bahrain 8:35

All times local

Gulf Air Recognises Top 20 Travel Agents in Muscat

We recently recognized our top 20 travel agents in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman awarding Mr. Sunil Prabhakar, Chief Executive Officer of Travel City for being our top 2015 travel agent and highest revenue-generating trade partner for the airline. The first place award was given to Travel City, a leading travel agent, and the largest travel company in Oman with 32 branches across the Sultanate, for the second consecutive year. 

Operating 28 weekly flights between Muscat and Bahrain and with one of the Middle East’s largest networks, we are well-positioned to connect Muscat to several key destinations in the Middle East, Asia and Europe with excellent connectivity via our efficient Bahrain International Airport hub.

Gulf Air Boosts Gassim Service in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

We are pleased to announce the increase of our Gassim service, with an additional 2 flights per week to/from Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz Regional Airport, effective 24th April. Our scheduled operations are now boosted to daily flights operating as per the schedule below:


Flight Frequency Departure Airport Departure Time Arrival Airport Arrival Time
GF 187 Monday, Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday Bahrain 09:35 Gassim 10:55
GF 188 Monday, Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday Gassim 11:45 Bahrain 12:45
GF 185 Tuesday, Thursday, Friday Bahrain 16:40 Gassim 18:00
GF 186 Wednesday, Friday, Friday Gassim 18:45 Bahrain 19:45

All times local