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Infants are not provided with a seat. More information on carriage of infants If you have never requested a password go to Member Online Registeration. If you forgot your password Click Here Providing this information now will speed up the check in procedure on departure. You are not required to complete this section to continue with your application. This information is required by the governments of certain countries prior to departure. Please type a short phrase or question that will prompt you to remember your password, e.g. Your mother`s maiden name. Only applicable if country of residence differs from passenger`s own nationality and if holding an official residence permit.
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 Frequent Traveller's Medical Application Form 

This form is intended to provide medical information, to enable Gulf Air Medical Department to issue a Frequent Traveller's Medical Card.

Passenger Details
Title* First Name*
Family Name* Address
Contact Numbers
Gender* Age*
Date of onset of illness*
Oxygen Requirements*
Wheelchair requirements (please tick one if applicable):

Special Meals Request
Seat Request
Assistance required in-flight
Does the passenger travel with or without an escort?*
Doctor Details
First Name* Family Name*
Business Telephone*
Mobile Telephone*
  1. Cabin Staff are trained on First Aid only and the First Aid Kits carried aboard aircraft do not contain syringes, surgical instruments or special drugs. Except in cases of emergency, cabin staff is not permitted to administer any injections.
  2. Therapeutic Oxygen can be provided if requested at least 3 days in advance through any Gulf Air Office.
  3. Any fee for completion of this form will be the responsibility of the passenger.
  4. Gulf Air reserves the right to reject any application.
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