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 GSM Mobile 

Stay in touch

Now you can pick up your phone and talk to your loved ones or connect with business partners. Our GSM network allows you to make calls, send SMS or use mobile data.

  • You can use your own phone, tablet as long as it supports GSM mobile connectivity.
  • You will need to have roaming enabled and roaming charges will apply.
    There’s no registration or subscription. All you have to do is turn on your phone and connect.
  • Mobile phones must be turned off during take-off and landing when “Seat Belt” overhead sign is illuminated. You can begin using it after the crew announcement. 
  • To connect, turn on your device and you will receive a welcome text message.
  • Dial the complete international number, starting with 00 or + adding the international country code. For example dial +973 followed by the full number to call someone in Bahrain.
  • You can charge your device using the power point under your seat.

Mobile charges

When in flight, roaming costs apply as if you were travelling to another country. These costs are set by your operator. Charges will be invoiced automatically by your home mobile provider at international roaming rates. More information about international roaming rates can be found in Gulf Life, our inflight magazine in your seat pocket.


Call etiquette

Most of the rules of conversation on the ground apply while you are in the air. Here are a few things to keep in mind when using your phone.

  • Make sure that your conversation does not disturb to other people. 
    Voices can be amplified in the space of an airplane, so keep your volume at a reasonable level, especially during night flights.
  • In case the line is bad and conversation is inaudible, explain that there's a problem and hang up.
  • Monitor the volume of your ringtone; make use of your phones vibrate mode.

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