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Infants are not provided with a seat. More information on carriage of infants If you have never requested a password go to Member Online Registeration. If you forgot your password Click Here Providing this information now will speed up the check in procedure on departure. You are not required to complete this section to continue with your application. This information is required by the governments of certain countries prior to departure. Please type a short phrase or question that will prompt you to remember your password, e.g. Your mother`s maiden name. Only applicable if country of residence differs from passenger`s own nationality and if holding an official residence permit.
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How many bags am I allowed to check-in?
How can I claim my lost baggage?
How can I make a claim for my damaged baggage?
I have left something on board one of your planes. What can I do?
My bags have been delayed/lost. What can I do? Can I trace it?
How much hand baggage can I take?
How much liquid I can carry in my hand luggage?
Is my laptop included in the allowed hand baggage?
Do infants get a baggage allowance?
How much is my checked baggage allowance?
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