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 Free Upgrades 

Claiming your free upgrades

Confirm that you have the necessary number of miles required for your intended upgrade. Call your local Gulf Air office or the Gulf Air Call Centre directly.

Identify yourself as a Gulf Air Falconflyer to the reservations staff, who will be able to give you instant answers on upgrade availability. Please bear in mind that we aim to make your choice as wide as possible but there are times of the year, especially busy holiday periods, when the availability of free upgrades will be severely restricted.

Nominate the flight/s you want to upgrade and it will be confirmed to you immediately.

Please note: 
Falconflyer members can redeem their miles against free upgrade on Gulf Air flights even if they are booked on lower sub-classes such as U, V, E, O, N, S, K, X, Q and W in exchange for 150% of the regular required miles.  


Below table shows the eligible booking classes in Economy and number of miles required for one class upgrade with Gulf Air.

 Class of Travel  Booking Class  Redeeming miles for an upgrade
Falcon Gold premium class     Y, H, M, L, B  100% of required miles
U, V, E, O, N, S,W, *K, X, Q  150% of required miles

*Starting 20th June 2013, Redemption upgrade miles requirement for booking class K,X,Q is changed to 150% instead of 100%.

Upgrades can be claimed in advance through local Gulf Air office and Gulf Air Call Centre. It is also available upon request in the designated lounges and at the airport.

For more details, please visit Lounge upgrade or Instant seat upgrade at the airport.

Upgrading to a higher class will be conditional on the member being suitably attired. 

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