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Member Tiers

Over time, the Gulf Air Falconflyer programme has earned a reputation for being amongst the most generous in the skies.

Take for instance the fact that the more you fly, the more you are rewarded and the closer you get to the next tier.

Tier bonuses for Silver and Gold members are earned at a rate of 25% and 50% respectively. This is in addition to the 250% miles you can earn when you travel in Falcon Gold.

Once you reach Silver or Gold levels you’ll find it's easy to maintain your higher status as the number of loyalty points required is lowered for your second and subsequent years of membership.

Best of all, Gold members who earn a total of 10,000 loyalty points within a five year period are awarded Gold membership for life.

Browse through the following links to find out more detailed information about the benefits of Blue, Silver and Gold membership.

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