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08 July, 2013 Manama ,Kingdom of Bahrain
Gulf Air Creates Specially Designed Iftar Boxes for Ramadan

Throughout the holy month of Ramadan, Gulf Air, the national carrier of the Kingdom of Bahrain, consistent with its reputation for Arabian hospitality, will be offering specially designed iftar meals onboard its flights.


Served on Gulf Air's evening flights (between 5pm and 8pm) across its GCC and Middle East network, the iftar meals will allow travellers to break their fast with the call to Maghreb prayer with a mouth-watering selection of items. In addition to the traditional water, dates and laban enjoyed at iftar the boxes also contain a selection of delicious light-snacks including a gourmet sandwich and chocolate dessert.


"As Bahrain’s national carrier and the airline with one of the largest networks in the Middle East, Ramadan is an important time for a significant number of our customers, who will be fasting during the holy month. Wherever they may be, we recognize the important cultural and religious values associated with breaking-fast for these passengers. Our specially designed iftar boxes ensure that even at 30,000ft we can meet their needs," said Gulf Air Acting Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Maher Salman AlMusallam.


Gulf Air will offer iftar meal boxes on selected flights from Bahrain to Cairo, Riyadh, Medina, Sana’a, Baghdad, Kuwait, Najaf, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Muscat, Beirut, Jeddah, Amman, Khartoum, Islamabad and Peshawar. 


Passengers also have the option to select regular meals during these timings, if they wish, which will be served on all flights throughout the day. For fasting passengers, where the destination is reached before Maghreb prayer is called the option to disembark with the meal is available.
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