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17 January, 2013 Manama,Bahrain
Gulf Air Management meets with Ministry of Labour and Trade Unions

National carrier Gulf Air’s management representatives led by Mr. Maher Salman Al Musallam, Acting Chief Executive Officer today met with representatives from the Ministry of Labour led by Dr. Mohammed Ali Ansari, Assistant Undersecretary for Labour Affairs and the airline’s three unions – GATU, NTAGU and CCTU.


During the meeting, discussions focused on the airline’s manpower reduction programme as part of the restructuring strategy aimed at strengthening the national carrier’s core services by optimising its fleet and network, streamlining its organisational structure and re-engineering its internal processes to transform the airline into a more dynamic and efficient national carrier that will continue to serve the Kingdom of Bahrain and its customers.


All participants of the meeting agreed on the importance of Gulf Air as a key national infrastructure asset and recognised that a successful restructuring would involve taking tough decisions but ultimately create a stronger and healthier national carrier for all stakeholders.


As part of the process, the airline had already announced the closure of eight destinations, restructured the executive leadership team and began to reduce the workforce in outstations and headquarters.


The restructuring plan is being implemented progressively in a fair and transparent manner with Gulf Air continuing to be a key Bahraini employer committed to developing a national workforce of aviation professionals. A successful transition will result in a company with a sustainable long term future and better opportunities for all employees.

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