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22 November, 2012 Manama,Bahrain
Gulf Air Launches Corporate Leadership and Career Development Programmes

In its continuous efforts towards Bahrainisation initiatives, national carrier Gulf Air today announced the launching of two corporate development plans- Gulf Air Succession plan and Career Development plan- aimed at developing the competencies of its employees and strengthening the national carrier to deliver its long-term goals.


Addressing the first introductory session of the Gulf Air Succession Plan, Gulf Air CEO Samer Majali said, “People development is one of the key strategic goals of Gulf Air and developing talented Bahrainis to take on leadership roles in the future is an integral part of this programme. Our aim is to achieve an organizational competitive advantage by creating competent and talented leaders and prepare them for the future challenges in the aviation industry.”


“As the national carrier of the Kingdom it is our commitment to develop strong and capable Bahraini talents that not only strengthens Gulf Air but also contributes collectively to the Kingdom’s overall economic development” Mr. Majali concluded.


The Gulf Air Succession plan is a corporate initiative that targets Bahraini Directors and Senior Managers at Gulf Air, strengthening their leadership competencies, knowledge, skills and experiences as per aviation industry standards and to meet the future requirements of Gulf Air. This is an intensive programme that covers a wide range of subjects, training and workshops over a prolonged period of time.


The Career Development plan is aimed at all staff members at all levels providing structured development programmes addressing Gulf Air competency frameworks and talent requirements. A number of programmes have been identified, and based on the competency requirements for each job category, individual development plans are identified through assessment processes for each staff member, who will then be enrolled in the programme.

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