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In Jordan you will be introduced to a unique blend of ancient and modern, refined and traditional, the obvious and the subtle. It is a land that invites visitors to seek out its treasures, uncover its marvels, and experience its wonders.

Discover the amazing ancient cities of Petra and Jerash, sleep in the desert surrounded by incredible rock formations under a perfect night sky, find traces of ancient civilizations while exploring caves, or visit perfectly preserved ancient cities. You can even float in the Dead Sea, dive in the Red Sea, or take a dip in hot natural springs.

Jordan’s greatest archaeological attraction is the city of Petra, created by the mysterious Nabatean civilization. Petra was carved out of the soft red stone unique to the area and became the site for a number of grand Roman monuments. Access is via a narrow canyon through the mountains and you will be amazed at literally ‘discovering’ the ancient city. Nearby is the village of Wadi Mousa, which is the location for a selection of luxurious hotels.

If you are a nature lover, Wadi Rum in the south of the country is a must, providing one of the Kingdom’s most beautiful and haunting landscapes. Here, it is possible to climb huge shards of red rock that punctuate the desert sands, trek over the dunes, enjoy camping under a star-filled canopy, or simply marvel at the view.

From dry land to water, Jordan might be practically a land-locked country, but it does have access to two of the world’s most famous water bodies – the Red Sea and the Dead Sea. At the southern tip of the country, the Red Sea is the perfect destination for those who wish to explore the marine life in crystal clear waters; while the Dead Sea’s extreme salinity means that even non-swimmers can float comfortably in the water.  

Preparing for your flight to Amman

Fact File
 City: Amman 
 Country Name: Jordan 
 Currency: Jordanian dinar 
 Local Time: GMT+3 
 Main Language: Arabic 
 Electricity: 220 volts AC, 50Hz-requiring standard 3-pin or 2-pin rounded wall plugs 
 Shopping: Souvenirs are available in all archaeological sites while Amman has a good selection of modern malls 
 Transport: Taxis can be hailed almost anywhere and are available in all popular tourist areas, however conversation may be a problem beyond naming your hotel 
 Cuisine: Good restaurants are present in most upmarket hotels 
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